From Kani-shi, Gifu prefecture. Resides in Tokyo.
Started calligraphy at age of 6.
Obtained title of Shinan (Master calligrapher) at age of 18.

Main Activities/Exhibit

2016 The national art center, Tokyo Selected for Sesshu Art Association Exhibition
2017 Exhibit at Biennal de Art Maison, Spain

2018 Held solo exhibition “Kokorozashi-will”

2019 Started “Harmony of violin and calligraphy”

Transportation advertisements, Internet advertisements, pamphlet designs, Advertisements in Marunouchi line, Writing on billboard infant of Ikebukuro station
Writing the new era “Reiwa” at shrine
Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau Attend Tokyo Invitation support assistance event

Calligraphy performance

Collaboration with Nishihiro Shota at live house
“Running down the brush together with the live song”

Performance at Yamaguchi Yume Hana Expo grand finale
“Dream future park”

Opening performance at First retailing
“Full bloom of smile Arigato- thank you”

Opening performance at Yamaguchi local sake restoration
TKP Garden city Shinagawa
“Yamaguchi local sake restoration Reiwa”

Shougou Hachimangu
New year performance “Spring breeze”
Fall festival “Harmony of violin and calligraphy” Sunny fall day

Ube-shi, Yamaguchi Seaside restaurant “TOTOMATO”
“Harmony of violin and calligraphy”

AEON town Narita Tomisato
“Tanabata” “Narita Gion festival”

Summer vacation event “Natsu- summer” “Semi- cicada”
Spring event “Harmony of violin and calligraphy”

Ebina City Festival
“Reiwa Festival” collaboration with Japanese drum

Brunch Chigasaki 2
Theme “Japanese Christmas” Reiwa/ connection

Inuyama-shi, Aichi The little world museum of man
Spring event “Harmony of violin and calligraphy”

Ube-shi, Yamaguchi Tokiwa Park
New year event “Fuku- luck” “Shofuku- bring good luck”

Ueno Park SAMURAI festival
Opening “Harmony of violin and calligraphy”


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